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Welcome To The Business That’s Rooting For Yours

As an independent, family-owned business, we know that our success depends completely on yours. That’s why we provide the right people, tools, insights, strategies, and pricing to enable you to capitalize on trade opportunities.

GoodShip was born in 1994 out of the market’s need for better customer service in an industry known for its shortcomings. We hire and retain the best logistics personnel, utilize the right technology, and treat both clients and vendors as true business partners.

While importers and exports often feel neglected or hamstrung by poor service from their logistics service providers, it doesn’t happen here. We start with clear, effective communication. And before booking your first shipment, we jointly develop a unique Standard Operating Procedure tailored to address your specific needs on handling requirements, routing, communication protocols, and status reporting.

Our rates also routinely beat those of even our largest multinational competitors. But offering competitive rates is the easy part – it’s the ability to back them up with outstanding service and communication that makes the real difference. Our staff, management, and ownership are all actively involved in anticipating and preventing problems, big and small, before they happen. Made-to-order status reports and online tracking programs ensure you have 24/7 visibility on the status and location of your shipments.

Contact us today for complete details and to see how we can serve your unique needs.
It’s the customer service that keeps me from accepting the numerous calls from other forwarders looking for our business. I highly recommend them.Kim, Retail Hardware
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